Ballast connection diagrams

HID Ballast Wiring Diagrams Ballast Wiring Diagrams for HID ballast kits including Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lighting ballasts. Most magnetic HID ballasts are multi-tap, meaning they can

be connected to several different voltages. 6 EATON AD142715 Installation instructions EP14NC and EP14NCF Instruction Manual WIRING DIAGRAMS FOR 1-LAMP EMERGENCY OPERATION TYPICAL SCHEMATICS ONLY. MAY BE USED WITH OTHER BALLAST. CONSULT THE FACTORY FOR OTHER WIRING DIAGRAMS 6. After installation is complete, supply AC power to the emergency ballast and join the inverter connector. 7. A short-term discharge test may be conducted after the emergency ballast has been charging for one hour. 6 uc1872 uc2872 uc3872 applications information 7 8 + – + – 200µa + – + – ct 0.1v 3.0v max freq comparator 0.5v zd 1.0v zero detect clk s q r 4ma discharge comparator A high-pressure sodium ballast is responsible for regulating the pressure in light fixtures that use high-pressure sodium gas to produce the light. These types of lights are commonly found outside. They

are used for things such as security lighting. They are also commonly found in an indoor garden setting. ®SPECIFICA AL Page ob Name: ob Number: Model Numbers: EcoSystem Compact Fluorescent Ballasts Digital Dimming Ballasts 369339h 3 03.06.18 EcoSystem Compact Fluorescent Ballast Models I've seen a lot of these electronic ballast boards from the inside that were used on a turkey farmhouse. But instead of semiconductors, the only component that was defect almost every time was a 10uF 450V e … 90-816462 2-695 WIRING DIAGRAMS - 4E - 1 Wiring Colors for MerCruiser BIA COLOR CODE AND ABBREVIATIONS WHERE USED BLACK (BLK) All Grounds … Coemar professionals are at your disposal to offer you a quick and efficient After-Sales Service. The technical support helps to fully exploit the potential of the new Coemar products and to manage the routine maintenance. In this section you can visualize and download

Sales Conditions, Instructions Manuals, DMX Charts, Photometric Diagrams, Size Drawing, Software, Electrical […] 2 Mounting Find a suitable location for mounting. • Decide on the proper location for the GRX-TVI (NEMA Type 1 enclosure, indoor use only).

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